The Summer Body Shred Program


    “Highly recommend Summer Body Shred-it’s an awesome program! So motivational and easy to fit into your day!"- Julie


    “ I can honestly say doing Body Shred has been an epiphany! I’ve never felt stronger, fitter, more capable and more confident of my body and shape in my 46 years of being on this planet. I’m amazed what I’ve achieved during those 8 weeks of 4 x weekly 30 mins workouts. I was excited, and super nervous doing my fit test as was so desperate to beat my results, which I did by a mile. Its so easy but the food diary has changed my approach to food as well. Far more mindful of what I eat, but still have the odd ‘treat’. I’m just making better choices now most of the time but crucially really enjoying what I’m eating and just feeling so much better for it. So in light of all this I want desperately to continue on this journey to Summer Body Shred The Next Level . Shred just fitted so easily into my routine and schedule being via zoom - and has produced results beyond my expectations! And I cannot underestimate your smiling, sunny demeanour beaming into my office every morning! Loved the combo of yoga and Body Shred- just a nice way to end the week after work, working out with a chilled session (if only the dogs realised it was meant to be a zen sesh!!)”- Vicki



    "I had so much fun completing Summer Body Shred! I have never sweated so much in all my life but also never 

    have I seen such amazing results so quickly in only 8 weeks. I would 100% recommend Body Shred to anyone. 

    Cannot wait for Shred The Next Level!!"- Sara



    "Summer Body Shred has been a revelation! I loved the short, structured workouts which felt challenging but achievable. 

    Mary Ann is great at explaining each of the exercises and always willing to sweat alongside and cheer you on! 

    Having the yoga session included at the end felt like such a relaxing treat after all the hard work.

    I feel such a difference in my strength and fitness and would recommend it to anyone! 

    Thanks Mary Ann!"= Emma



    “Loving the variety of workouts! Can’t believe the difference in my body already!”- Janis



    "i loved Summer Body Shred so much and feel so much better in myself! 30 mins per day was just so achievable"- Lee-Ann



    “The workouts are awesome! Super easy to fit the 30 minutes into my busy schedule! feeling so great and motivated- thank you!”- April



    "Summer Body Shred was fab! The final fit test was a killer but everything hugely improved! Have seen so much of a difference- especially in my legs! I have loved the challenge! Really enjoyed it. Your motivation and encouragement is brilliant!" - Toni






    Get working towards your Summer Body in just 8 weeks.


    No gimmicks. No fad diets. Just awesome results for long term positive change. No excuses.


    This is an 8 week online program designed to torch body fat, build lean muscle, boost metabolic rate and positivity, and promote a happy healthy relationship with food and exercise.


    Download your Summer Body Shred Information Guide here


    ***Applications now open***







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    Body Shred Plan



    per month

    Foundation course unlocked

    16 x workout videos every month

    Nutrition Blueprint

    Email support and accountability

    Facebook Group support


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    Body Shred Pro Plan



    per month

    Everything in Starter, plus:

    4 x yoga classes every month

    Personal check-in twice weekly for accountability

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    Body Shred Platinum Plan



    per month

    Everything in Pro, plus:

    One-on-one coaching

    Personalized Nutrition Analysis and support

    Bonus care package

  • Summer Body Shred- The Next Level



    A progressive 12 week program designed for graduates of The Summer Body Shred


    This is a carefully structured program to include taper and progressive training methods engineered to improve recovery, build strength, lean muscle, and boost fitness and performance through targeted exercises that are sustainable over a longer period of time. Perfect for Body Shred fans who want to continue their training and progression over a manageable regime geared towards their fitness and fat loss goals.


    *Part I- Building on the founding principles of Summer Body Shred

    *Part II- Increasing power, strength, mobility and core

    *Part III- Taking you to The Next Level of full body fitness


    All graduates of Summer Body Shred will automatically be considered for Body Shred- The Next Level.