• Testimonials


    A big thank you to all the amazing clients I have trained over the years. Many have remained lifelong friends and I’m so grateful to each and every individual for trusting me to support them on their fitness journey.


    Here are just a few of their testimonials that they have kindly allowed me to share with you....


    "Loved going to Mary Ann for my PT sessions.

    She is so friendly and happy all the time and just made me smile all through my session even when I was struggling,

    She inspired me to be better and helped me lose weight with teaching me about different foods etc.

    I would highly recommend Mary Ann, a beautiful person inside and out."


    Jean, Stirling





    "I started training with Mary Ann after she was recommended by a friend. I was fed up of feeling unfit
    and hating my body, I’d tried diets and exercise classes but had never stuck at anything for very long.
    I was apprehensive about getting back into exercise but from the beginning Mary Ann was so
    supportive, friendly and fun. Mary Ann is such an enthusiastic, positive person and our training
    sessions, while hard work, are always full of laughs and chat. In addition, Mary Ann devised a
    personalised exercise routine for me to follow and gave me lots of great nutritional advice which
    was easy to follow and maintain. I am now so much fitter, have swapped body fat for toned muscles
    and have loads more energy. Apart from the physical benefits, my body image has improved and I
    find I have gained self confidence which has made a massive difference to my life.
    I would recommend training with Mary Ann to anyone; it is one of the best things I have ever done!
    She always gets the most out of you and inspires you to achieve more than you think possible. Thank
    you Mary Ann!"


    Emma, Doune



    "Mary-Ann and I met in March last year to discuss my Nutrition and Fitness. As a footballer I wanted to improve my speed, fitness and strength on the pitch. Mary-Ann told me “You are what you eat.”

    My diet changed from that day onwards with her invaluable advice on what I should and should not be eating to build a fit, healthy body.

    Within a month I had visibly lost body fat, gained muscle definition, had more energy, and looked and felt so much better.

    Mary-Ann’s motivation, enthusiasm and encouragement has been a huge asset to my performance as Captain on the football pitch for St Johnstone FC U15’s.

    As Mary-Ann reminds me each week, “I will achieve what I believe to be possible.”

    We enjoy lots of hard training but lots of laughs too!

    Thank you so much Mary-Ann."


    Jack Webster, 13 years old, Crieff, St Johnstone FC


    "If you are looking for a personal trainer to get the results you want then Mary-Ann is the girl you need.

    I used to be fit and healthy but poor lifestyle choices and lack of motivation to do exercise had me feeling body conscious, unfit, tired and sluggish so I got in touch with Mary-Ann after a friend recommended her. It was the best thing I could have done.


    From the first meeting with Mary-Ann she made me feel at ease and comfortable. She adapted an exercise plan that suited my specific goals and a nutrition plan that was easily to follow. All the training sessions were hard work but, were made fun by Mary-Ann’s bubbly personality. Not only is Mary-Ann your personal trainer but she very quickly becomes a friend. So easy to talk to, it ensured going to sessions were never a chore (there was always a lot of laughing). Her exercise plans were easy to follow and there was plenty of variation.


    As I was moving away from Stirling it was important to me that what I had achieved with Mary-Ann I could maintain and continue on my own, and I have. With Mary-Ann’s extensive knowledge and advice I have changed my lifestyle for the better. I have used other personal trainers and their programs were not sustainable or maintainable. This is not the case with Mary-Ann, I have continued to set health and fitness goals and met them every time. I am confident that my long-term health will be great thanks to Mary-Ann.


    I know it doesn’t seem like much but I wore a bikini for the first time in years this summer and I felt great and that’s all down to Mary-Ann. I can’t thank her enough for all her help, motivation and support throughout my fitness journey. I would recommend her to anyone!"

    Connie, Perth, Australia


    "My journey with Mary-Ann began this summer when I approached her for some help with a rehab program. Just before Christmas I had undergone an operation to reconstruct my knee following a nasty gymnastics injury. Several months on, I was trying to rehab on my own, but felt completely lost. Not only was I frustrated with my lack of progress and growing increasingly anxious, my knee was constantly swollen and I had very little confidence in it. From my very first consultation with Mary-Ann, I knew I was in good hands! She listened to my concerns and goals, then completely restructured my workout routine...and my life!
    I first contacted Mary-Ann with the goal of walking properly. Little did I know what she had in mind! Within no time at all I was running the track, performing circuits and chasing her around while wielding a set of boxing gloves, all without thinking about my knee and letting it hold me back. My physio could not believe the difference, both in my no longer swollen knee and in my confidence. Mary-Ann's guidance through this process has been invaluable, and she has made training so much fun! Our sessions are incredibly varied and her expertly tailored workout plans keep the gym challenging and interesting. Her advice has improved my nutrition, health and lifestyle, and I look forward to every session. My old goals have been replaced by ones that I wouldn't even have dared dream of a few months ago.
    Not only am I delighted with my recovery, I am a leaner, healthier and happier than I have ever been. I can barely recognise the old me who nervously limped into my first consultation with her - this wonderful woman didn't just give me back my life, she upgraded it, and I cannot thank her enough."

    Fiona, Clacks


    "The smiling assassin, that’s my name for Mary-Ann. Always smiling, always positive, always happy, always hard work!
    Mary-Ann makes working out fun even though you are pushing your body to its limit.
    I started working with Mary-Ann over a year ago and I’m now much fitter and healthier and a lot more educated about my well being. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a PT."

    Heather, Dunblane


    "Mary-Ann was recommended to me by a friend. I was doing the same old thing at the gym and not seeing any results. Since starting with Mary-Ann I have learned so much about exercise and nutrition. My eating habits have completely changed.
    Mary-Ann is so enthusiastic and motivational! Every session is different and although it is hard work she offers encouragement and support at every step. I am now confident with weights and I actually like my arms! Mary-Ann provides a personalised gym program to supplement the sessions with her. I have seen so many positive improvements in my fitness, measurements and nutrition.
    I would recommend Mary Ann to anyone. "

    Liz, Bridge of Allan



    "Both myself and my 16 year old daughter, Jenny, train with Mary-Ann.

    We both look for very different things in our training and every week Mary-Ann appears with a smile on her face, enthusiasm which is infectious and a varied but always challenging work out for each of us. Each session is tailored to our individual requirements and is always stimulating and different, whether this is in the gym or outdoors. We have worked through injury recovery and sports-specific event training, including my swimming and my daughters hockey, to suit our requirements.
    In addition Mary-Ann is always happy to provide nutrition and lifestyle advice and a gym programme for us to support our training goals.
    My fitness has improved substantially and my daughter has shown significant improvements in both her speed and power in her game, a huge accomplishment given that she already performs at elite national athlete level.
    Whether it is confidence in taking that first step, or athlete performance training, Mary-Ann provides a personal, challenging and varied programme delivered with a smile in such a professional manner that I have no hesitation in recommending her services."

    Michaela, Braco


    "One Year On....
    I started working with Mary-Ann a year ago having contacted her in an effort to take some control over my unhealthy lifestyle. For a variety of reasons I was extremely overweight, undertook no exercise and was stressed to the max.
    Mary-Ann immediately put me at my ease, listened to my story, was non-judgemental and said of course she could work with me – what a relief and that was step one! The journey had started! Mary-Ann is a lovely person inside and out with an extremely bubbly personality – always smiling, always happy, always willing to help out in whatever way she can – she is the embodiment of all that she teaches. But what really sets her apart from other personal trainers is that she adopts a holistic approach – she looks at your lifestyle in terms of work/life balance, diet and exercise – and then sets a personal tailored programme towards your goals which is sustainable – that is the key word, sustainability!
    With her professional expertise she monitors, supports, encourages and where appropriate “tells you it how it is” if you have been slacking but always, always ends on a positive note!
    Over the year I have completely changed my lifestyle – step by step. I have learned that lifestyle, diet and exercise contribute to your overall wellbeing – they all work in tandem – stressed at work – hit the gym and lose the stress, Busy at work – fuel your body for better performance – make good choices. By taking things in this stepped way it is sustainable and becomes normal rather than thinking "im on a diet" or "I need to go to the gym because I need to burn calories". I now make healthy choices and exercise because I enjoy them! I have completely regained my confidence and zest for life.
    I would absolutely recommend Maryann for personal training – not only will you have a personal trainer who is the best in her field but you will gain a true friend. I look forward to my sessions with her – working hard but she always makes it fun and knows how to get the very best out of you. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to turn my life around and look forward to continuing my journey with her as I move into the next phase of my life following early retirement. Thank you Mary-Ann!"

    Janis, Alloa

    "I first approached Mary-Ann in the run up to the summer break at University. Having just finished my second year at the University of Stirling, I was really realising the toll which uni lifestyle had taken on my body. I was no longer the skinny teenager who could eat anything, with no exercise and get away with it. I had been eating badly, drinking, going out with friends and hadn’t given a second thought to the impact it had had on my body. I was now a 20 year old, who had packed on the pounds and was at an all time confidence low. I had always been comfortable in my body up until this realisation. I had made attempts throughout my time at uni to go to the gym and keep in shape, but none of it was having a lasting effect. I decided I needed someone who could motivate me to work hard for my goals. By this point I had found out I was going to be spending a semester abroad in the USA and I was determined to have my confidence back by the time I headed over in January 2016.
    I came across Mary-Anns website, and was instantly sold. I emailed her straight away. It took a while for availability to come up but trust me when I say it is worth the wait if there is one! She will not disappoint. Even from our initial meeting to discuss my goals, fitness history and current lifestyle I felt completely at ease in her company. Her bubbliness, compliments and infectious smile made me feel like I was in great hands and I couldn’t wait for our first session. As I had started in the summer time, Mary-Ann was taking advantage of the sun whilst we could and most of my sessions were held outside. No two sessions were ever the same. We would do different circuits, focusing on different areas of the body each time (every session ended with a core workout though which you learn to love). Having worked together for 4 months now, I have my confidence back and I am loving it! There’s no feeling quite like getting measured and seeing the centimetres falling away from you in as little as 4 weeks! I’m wearing tight fitting dresses and even wear crop tops sometimes! She has not just helped me change physically, but she has helped me grow as a person into my own skin.
    She will take a personal interest and will tailor every session to fit your goals, whether it be fat loss and toning up like myself, rehabilitation, or just generally wanting to improve your health. I guarantee it is worth the money, the sweat and the dedication. You will even enjoy being a sweaty mess by the end of each hour because you will be feeling so great about yourself and your progress thanks to her!
    I can’t stress enough how highly I would recommend her as a Personal Trainer. She becomes a friend as well as your rock to keep you working hard (she won’t be shy about letting you know if you’re slacking though). I’m now about to head off for 6 months in the USA feeling great about myself thanks to her. I’m going to miss seeing her every week and having our sessions to look forward to. But she has taught me so much that I can take away with me to keep up my work over the pond. I’m looking forward to coming back and starting back with her again to continually improve my fitness, health and body confidence."

    Katey, Edinburgh

    "I met Mary-Ann 6 months ago . I was at my lowest point after a terrible bereavement and also 5 difficult years of poor health…… Depression, under active thyroid and total burnout.
    I had gone from an active, bubbly social woman to being withdrawn, overweight and lacking in confidence. My weight was on an upward spiral and I despaired of ever being able to get back to my usual trim and active self which underneath was the ‘real me’. I just didn't have he energy to face anything so I took comfort in red wine and prosecco!!
    A spur of the moment thought promoted me to look for a personal trainer as a last ditch attempt to take myself in hand. I didn’t have the energy to ‘do it all’ myself and I couldn't face dragging myself to the gym alone or starting yet another ‘diet’. I had been a bit of a gym junky in the past but in recent years had injured myself on several occasions due to poor technique and lack of knowledge as to how to effectively exercise.
    When I met Mary-Ann I liked her immediately. She put me at my ease, listened to my stories with kindness and without judgement and set about giving me realistic goals which I felt I could achieve with her help and support. Little did I know then that this was to be the start of something wonderful in my life. I loved our weekly sessions in the gym but especially out on the track in the fresh air at Stirling University. She worked me hard but we laughed a lot and we exchanged the stuff of life as girls do.
    My initial goal was to be able to run round the track.something I had never been able to do at school when I always felt like the runt of the litter at the back of the pack!! After a few months not only was I able to do this but I have run 6 times round the track!! I couldn't believe it. We’ve done circuit training, skipping, lots of stretching- and Mary-Ann says I'm a closet pro boxer!! No two sessions are ever the same.
    I have lost a stone which literally reduced me to tears of joy, I'm aiming for another stone and am looking forward to doing a 5k next year to raise money for mental health.
    Meeting and working with Mary-Ann has literally changed my life. The sparkle is back. have renewed energy. I am fit and looking and feeling great. I would recommend her to any woman who is struggling the way I was. Don't be scared. It's worth every penny and every sweaty hour. You will have great fun and be feeling so much better. Mary-Ann has done it for me and I know she can do it for you!"

    Kathleen, Kippen, Stirling


    "I first contacted Mary-ann to take my fitness to the next level. Already very active I was looking for nutritional and exercise support that would help me hone my body the way I wanted it. Mary proposed a combined package of personal training and nutritional advice and I have not looked back. Her professional yet friendly style makes her a welcome addition to my day and I look forward to our sessions. Mary tailored her workouts to my fitness level and provided encouragement at every turn.
    I would recommend Mary-ann to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, fitness or figure. With her support anything is possible!"

    Nicola, Perth

    "Mary Ann is highly inspirational and her positivity is a continuous motivation. Her workout sessions and weekly workout plans are adapted to your strengths and fitness goals, all the while being fun and challenging. Being a vegetarian and working out, Mary Ann also advises me with my diet, making me a healthier and fitter person."

    Florence, France


    "I started working with Mary-ann when my weight had reached a peak. As well as being unfit and overweight, I had a bad back and painful knee and was getting very upset about the situation. Mary-ann immediately inspired me to get fitter and start eating more healthily. Her workouts are always well thought out and different from week to week and I found myself always looking forward to them. She really tailors her programme to the individual and responds to how you're feeling on the day. As well as losing weight and getting fitter, I now feel so much more positive. I've learned loads about how to respond to my body and am enjoying working out more than I knew was possible. Thanks so much Mary-ann for your knowledgable, professional and supportive approach!"

    Claire, Dunblane

    "Having worked out with several personal trainers working with Mary-Ann was a pleasant surprise. It was fabulous to learn how I could achieve a better result yet complete my work out quicker. I felt that she was better placed than the many male alternatives to know what a woman is trying to achieve from a work out, whilst taking into consideration the usual concerns and body woes us girls have!"

    Nadine, Glasgow, editor of No1 Magazine


    "I have had 3 X blocks of 10 personal training sessions with Mary-ann, my health had deteriorated over the last few years with a fatigue type condition which affected my heart, We began with very steady training, progressing towards slightly harder training, within the first month I was well on the way to feeling driven to continue and progress to allow me to work again. With Mary-anns enthusiasm I am feeling almost 100% fit again. I didn't appoint Mary-ann to lose weight, as I am of slim build by nature, I purely required a fitness programme, my fitness levels are higher than they were 10 years ago, all thanks to such professional and excellent advice, taking in to account that I had been unwell for so long. I now have my life back. Many thanks."

    Lyndi, Dunblane


    "I spent 12 weeks training with Mary-Ann over the summer and loved every minute of it. It was hard work but I lost a lot of weight and completely toned up so it was worth it.

    I really think it was good value for money and she was able to arrange sessions that suited the free time I had.

    Wish I hadn't moved to Hong Kong, as I really miss training with her!"

    Lee-ann, Hong Kong

    "In just a few weeks I noticed positive changes- toning and strength in the legs and arms, better fitness levels, weight loss and lots more flexibility with no injury or straining.

    The enthusiasm and commitment of Mary-ann was wonderful- her positive reinforcement is a revelation, and she seemed to know just how to get me to achieve my goals by her encouragement, excellent knowledge and care. I already have recommended your services to my friends and will definitely be continuing on another course with you.

    I once thought I was beyond getting any of these results, especially in such a short time period. Thankyou so much Mary-ann!"

    Suzy, Stirling

    "Mary-Ann is a very inspiring person and she motivated me into getting back into shape. She gave me exercises i can do both at home and at the gym. This made keeping in shape easier once i knew what to do. My sessions with her were always fun and she was always trying to get more out of me in an encouraging and patient manner. Thank you!"

    Cathryn, Stirling

    "Many thanks for your help Mary-ann in kick-starting my get fit again regime! The lessons I had with you were just what I needed to pluck up the courage to get back into the gym after several years of doing little or no exercise.

    Already, after 6 weeks I have lost 5 pounds, am looking more toned in both my chest and waist - 36" trousers fitting again! I am determined to keep up the effort and am targeting a leaner, fitter me by Summer."

    Kieran, Callander


    "I was looking for guidance in nutrition, with the aim of creating healthier, sustainable eating habits, as well as looking for help with progression in the gym.

    Since working with Mary Ann I have laid the foundations of some really strong nutritional habits and I am feeling so much better informed about what I should be eating. Mary Ann’s guidance has always been immensely positive and this has helped to keep me on track throughout my time with her. I found the online PT idea to be so useful, as I could make the most of Mary’s Ann expertise from home, university and work!

    I would not hesitate to recommend Mary Ann if you’re looking for healthier, happier habits to introduce into your life!"

    Rachel, Edinburgh