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    "I was looking for guidance in nutrition, with the aim of creating healthier, sustainable eating habits, as well as looking for guidance with progression in the gym.

    Since working with Mary Ann I have laid the foundations of some really strong nutritional habits and I am feeling so much better informed about what I should be eating. Mary Ann’s guidance has always been immensely positive and this has helped to keep me on track throughout my time with her. I found the online PT idea to be so useful, as I could make the most of Mary’s Ann expertise from home, university and work!

    I would not hesitate to recommend Mary Ann if you’re looking for healthier, happier habits to introduce into your life!"

    Rachel, Edinburgh



    Train from anywhere in the world, without the need for equipment.

    Get the consistent, reliable support and accountability to take back control and to achieve your goals.


    * Exercise

    * Nutrition

    * Accountability

    * Support




    Progressive and effective exercise workout plans specifically tailored to you.



    *Progressive workout plans tailored to you

    *Video guide for each exercise

    *Weekly video call check-ins for ongoing support

    *Food diary analysis

    *Nutritional advice and support

    * Results tracking

    *Schedule in your workouts

    *Get proven results


    Get the body you really want, wherever you are, at a fraction of the cost of standard one to one PT.


    No excuses.


    Message me and lets get you on your way to serious awesomeness.